Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sneak Peek: Wesley Douglas | Newborn

I just finished editing a beautiful photo session of newborn Wesley. These images were extra special for me to create, as the story of how parents Kim and Terry started their family is unique and incredibly emotional. I'm looking forward to sharing a part of their story just as soon as I've selected all of my favorite images. For now, a sneak peek of brand new Wesley...

Sneak Peek: Wesley Douglas | Newborn


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Friday Thoughts: Happy Birthday to My French Fry

Have you ever been out to eat when your grilled chicken sandwich basket arrives at your table, you squirt ketchup in the corner of the wax paper and begin dipping your hot-outta-the-grease french fries into the vinegary red goodness, when all of a sudden you grab the end of one fry and keep pulling only to realize that you have most definitely snagged the world's longest french fry? You stop to admire it. Point it out to all of your fellow diners. Observe it from all angles. Hold it up a little too high in the air so that if your waitress passes by and sees it you can mentally high-five her for slipping you this record setting potato stick. You definitely don't eat it right away, because this fry is unique. This fry made your day. This fry put a smile on your face. I suppose it's only fitting that this quirky anecdote comes to mind when I think about my husband. He's the most unique, day-making, smile-inducing "french fry" I've ever met. I like that in a person I love, so, naturally, I married him. And Friday is his birthday! Join me in making a special wish for him today. Happy birthday, hubby! You're the cheese to my macaroni, the frosting on the cake, the cherry on top, and the incredible french fry with my grilled chicken basket!


Monday, May 17, 2010

The Very Best Part of Spring

"Just now the lilac is in bloom | All before my little room."
~Rupert Brooke

All of these gorgeous lilacs grow in my sweet little backyard. Is there anything more perfect than the day when lilacs bloom to their fullest?


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Who would have ever thought that my own mother would be able to receive Mother's Day wishes via a blog post?! Up until recently, she and technology were not well acquainted. Did she have email?, friends would ask. We're still working on convincing her to find the "on" button on the computer, we'd reply. My youngest sisters started training her on computer basics, as the "baby" was off to college last fall, and wouldn't be around to print itineraries and seventeen-times forwarded email jokes from the AARP crowd relatives. "Move the mouse," they'd say. "AAARRRGGHH!!" she'd scream as she jumped on a chair. "Where's a mouse!?" I know she'll read this post and roll her eyes, because she subscribes to my blog (!) and eye rolling is an endearing family trait. But she'll also be proud of me in all my endeavors. So, this post, this space, this time, this technology is dedicated to you, mom! Thank you for all you do, and I'm glad you figured out the techie stuff in order to follow my blog. Happy Mother's Day!

By the way, if you wanted to call and wish my mom a Happy Mother's Day, you might have to try a few times until she picks up. She doesn't have an answering machine.

Mom and Me


Monday, May 3, 2010

A Day in the Life of Nicholas is All Riddles

A few weeks ago, the hubby and I very desperately needed a getaway. We reached the point where the noise got too loud, the air got too heavy, and the "to do" list seemed to replicate tasks on its own when we weren't looking. And so we returned to one of our favorite places on earth to relax, refresh, and renew...even if only for a few days. Leaving behind our lists of to dos, we hit the road...

When we're there, we wander a lot. We peek into shops, sit and drink coffee, savor homemade chocolates, sip and swirl wine, walk to the edges of piers, and hike through the parks. We also pop into a lovely little independent bookstore, where the service is friendly, the books are treasured finds, and the owner will sneak you galley copies of yet unpublished reads to keep. They just moved down the street to a cozy little space, where we caught them half unpacked, but welcomed us in just the same. As I browsed, I found a homey comfort in the unorganized shelves of used books; like discovering family heirlooms in your grandmother's dusty attic. The classics: Dr. Seuss, The Hardy Boys, and Little Women, were mixed among Pubs of Ireland and Dinosaur Poems. The shop's character and charm were irresistible, and so its contents get a post of their own. This is also the first sneak peek at my handsome hubby in one of my favorite photos from the trip. Here he is posing with the "Ridiculous Nicholas Riddle Book". His name, of course, is Nicholas, and if you knew him, you may jest that "a day in his life" is, indeed, "all riddles". He does, after all, have a unique sense of humor. So, did we buy that riddle book? You bet your hardcover Nancy Drew series we did! It's bound to be a classic.

More photos from our lovely getaway to come. I figured I'd ration these slices of heaven.