Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bennett Eric | Three Months

I was ready to post one of my latest super-cute baby shoots today, but realized I just couldn't without showing you his first shoot at three months. Now, normally, I would not reach back several months for a post, as my images/ideas/equipment are growing and evolving, but this will be an exception to the rule (besides the photo I included on my first post ever!).

First-time parents Katie and Todd snapped baby Bennett into his brand new Brewers baseball onesie, complete with appliqued retro logo, a gift from his aunt and uncle, for his shoot. He was a cool customer resting in dad's arms and hanging out with mom. Dad, a Disney fan and high school basketball coach, influenced the design of Bennett's room. A mobile of Mickey Mouses (Mickey Mice?) holding footballs and basketballs floated above the crib. He even had baby slippers in the shape of basketballs on his feet! What a sporty lad.

I must admit that Bennett is my exception to the rule shoot-from-the-past post because he just happens to be my nephew! And since he is our only nephew, he is also currently our favorite nephew. I am also the cool aunt, if you are following this equation carefully, who bestowed the aforementioned onesie upon him even before he was born (hubby and I could NOT risk any Cubs fans getting a hold of him first!). Another fun fact? Bennett and I are twins. Granted, a couple decades separate us, but we get to share our special day! We have already decided that we each need our own cake should we ever celebrate together...he was totally cool with that...we even shook on it with a highly complicated handshake routine. So, with no further ado...heeeeere's Bennett! His ten-month photos are just around the corner.

Bennett Eric | Three Months


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