Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Behold, The Power of The French Fry

Something you should know about me: I am a foodie. I am, according to, a person keenly interested in food, especially in eating or cooking. It is a distinct possibility I will allude to this theme in future posts, because many of my favorite experiences have occurred with wine glasses clanking, marshmallows melting, corn kernels stuck in my teeth, and sumptuous sauces trickling through my fingers and down my arm. It's the simple and delicious things in life that make the best memories...and the best temptations (see those expertly crafted fries below that make all my will-power vanish!).

I was raised in a Jewish family, and anyone who is a careful study of religious history knows that even Noah didn't board the ark until his mother sent him off with a brisket sandwich, some noodle kugel, a bowl of matzah ball soup, and a loaf of challah. There might be a touch of revisionist history in that statement, but, truthfully, we joked in my family that with our mouths full of our lunch, we would fervently discuss what we would eat next for dinner. Every yin has its yang. Every day has its night. My family has its warm, filling, soul-satisfying "nosh". It was ingrained in me to associate feasting with my family...

...but then, I married an Italian.

It was inevitable that my hubby and I would find ourselves on our own savory journey, throughout our own city, and far and abroad when traveling, learning to appreciate delicate and bold flavors, and tasting culture, language, and culinary folklore with every bite.

Tonight's foodie stop: Cafe Hollander
The Deliciousness: Bitterballen, "Westsider" Bloody Mary, Grilled Pesto Chicken Sandwich, Pomme Frites with Indonesian Peanut Sauce and Curry Ketchup...mmm, leftovers!

What deliciousness satisfies the foodie in you?



  1. Looks you carry your camera wherever you go?

  2. Oh, it was yummy! I absolutely do carry my camera wherever I go. Sometimes all I can pack is my small Powershot point-and-shoot, and other times I lug all of my equipment around so I don't miss my shot. You never know when you will need to document the moment. :-)