Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wesley Douglas | Newborn

Expectant parents Kim and Terry had the longest wait, and yet, only a whirlwind couple of weeks to prepare for their new arrival. It had been one year since they had decided to become parents through adoption. While they were ready to welcome their first child, Kim and Terry knew they would have to be patient. Through the year, they kept a positive attitude, learning to balance their determination to become parents with an acceptance that all the best things come in their own time.

After years of mental finger-crossing, yogic patience, and hopeful prayers, the phone call that they had been waiting for finally came. A woman in Florida had selected them to be the adoptive parents of a baby girl. Excitedly, Kim, an elementary school teacher, and Terry, who works at a printing company, spread the news that they would be bringing home their a month. They prepared at warp speed: painting the walls of the baby's room a sunny yellow, collecting boppies, burp cloths, and booties, buying pink onesies, and deciding on names. Like any expectant parents, their bags were packed, ready to head to the hospital, but just days before the due date, they received a phone call.

Heading into a morning staff meeting overwhelmed by emotion and excitement, with misty eyes, Kim told her co-workers that she had just heard from the adoption agency and that something had changed. The pink onesies would have to be returned, because, the baby would actually be...a boy! Thankful that their child was soon-to-be born, the gender news hardly elicited a second thought, just brief stunned jaw-dropping and relieved laughter. However, just before heading to the airport, they threw a baby name book into their carry-on bag. Back to the drawing board. During the few hours in the air, they paged through the book discussing and deciding on a name for their baby boy. It would only be a matter of hours before holding their sweet new little boy, Wesley Douglas.

Over the next several days, their I's were dotted and their T's crossed, and the family of three boarded a plane back home. Kim and Terry naturally fell into parenthood, thrilled to share the world with Wesley. A flurry of family and friends have been in and out of their house to celebrate this moment, but somewhere in between the activity in their first week home, we fit in a few hours for a newborn photo session. It was an honor to capture the occasion and share this heartfelt story. Welcome to the world Wesley and congratulations to an incredible new mom and dad!
The long journey was worth it.

Wesley Douglas | Newborn


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  1. Aliza, The pictures are wonderful! You are a very gifted photographer. I wish we still lived in Milwaukee so you could capture my girls again. Kristen