Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Burgers, Brats, Beer...and BASEBALL!

For some,
tulips and daffodils reaching toward the sky
orange-bellied robins pecking for juicy worms
rumbles of thunder and fat drops of rain
new leaves peeking out of the tips of tree branches
early glasses of lemonade and ales in the backyard
pumping up bicycle tires
children chasing soccer balls and toy trucks down the sidewalk
neighbors waving across fence lines
palmfuls of delicate seeds spread across plots of dirt
pushing up long-sleeves and long-shut windows,
but for us,
igniting the grill
singed brats bubbling and bursting in their casings
melted cheddar dripping over burgers' curled sides
bean bag toss and comfy lawn chairs
early glasses of lemonade and ales in the parking lot
peanut shells and baseball bats cracking sharply
racing sausages kicking up backstop dust
polka, pitches, and Prince
9 innings, 54 outs
sunshine streaming through the open rooftop.

Spring hasn't truly arrived
until we hear the official Opening Day words,

"Plaaaaay baaaaaaaall!"

Happy return of Spring and Baseball!
I hope your Opening Day was as filled with sunshine, good food, and good friends as ours was. The boys of summer are back!


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