Sunday, April 25, 2010

Collin | One Year

I met him for the first time at my own engagement and housewarming party. Just a few weeks old and bundled up for the crisp fall weather, his soft little nose poked out from the layers of blankets around him. He was so tiny, so brand new, and so adept at further defining that line in the sand just behind me...that one that separates your childhood from adulthood. Sweet baby Collin was born to good friends of mine, Scott, whom I have known since first grade, and Katie, a high school softball teammate of mine. They were high school sweethearts, and now, proud new parents. When they asked me to photograph Collin as a curious one year old, I was thrilled at the opportunity, as I remembered spending many hours with Scott, processing and developing film in our high school photography classes. Who knew I would be using some of those same skills ten years later to capture his baby boy?

{To see more of baby Collin's shoot, click here to visit his gallery!}

Collin | One Year


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  1. I remember that class at Nicolet! Look how far you've come and I still can't take a photo without blurring something.
    What a wonderful model you have too! I love all the history we have together and Collin is the future generation :)
    I'm so proud of that you've turned your passion and talent into this amazing career.