Thursday, April 1, 2010

Friday Thoughts: Epic Beards and Fish Meatballs

The weekend starts early this week, not only because it reached 80 degrees today in our city, which could still very easily be buried under ten feet of snow at this time of year, but because it's finally time for the hubby and me to spend time in one of our favorite places. Photos from this haven will appear in a post next week...we'll keep you guessing until then.

This week also brought our families together for one of my favorite holidays, Passover. It's a holiday during which you can recline at the table, drink four full glasses of wine, and watch the tanned and muscled greatness that is Charleton Heston's portrayal of Moses in "The Ten Commandments". His beard is seriously epic at the end of that movie. Santa and ZZ Top ain't got nothin' on desert-wandering Moses. After celebrating a holiday for decades, many quirky traditions emerge. My dad and I compete to see who can eat more horseradish slathered on matzah without crying, we all dare each other to eat the gefilte fish (essentially a cold fish meatball...ugh), always goes back to Mr. Heston...we marvel at the special effects of the Red Sea parting, the Nile turning to blood, and how they got Yul Brynner's bald head so shiny and smooth! Seriously. Is it turtle wax? Olive oil? Questions for the ages.

While I head off to breathe in some fresh spring air with the hubs, I'm sure many more holiday memories will come to mind. In the meantime, a quick *happydance* for my friends MJ & J on the birth of their new baby boy this week, who will most likely to be found at the other end of my camera within a couple weeks and shared here! Ooooh, how I love brand new bundles! Happy weekend!


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